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SK Services is a car rental company offering high quality services to trusted costumers in all areas of Mykonos.



  • +30 2289 305 155
  • Mykonos, Greece
SK Services / Covid-19

Useful information about Covid-19

Our priority is to provide our customers with our best services and at the same time protect their
health, following the latest measures the World Health Organization as well as the National Health
Authorities have announced.

Our actions against the spread of Covid- 19 are the following:

  • Entering our shop, you will find antibacterial liquid for your hands’ deep cleaning.
  • We instruct all our customers and staff to keep safe distances
  • Our vehicles are cleaned through multi-step cleaning process before and after every
  • We do use antibacterial liquid for regular cleaning of the keys.
  • We regularly and meticulously clean areas of cars such as door handles, consoles, steering
    wheel and seats.

Change or Cancel Booking
If you are supposed to change or cancel your car hire booking because it is impacted by the
Covid-19 restrictions, you are welcome to send us an email or contact us on time. We will
immediately manage your booking.


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